Request Refund of Ogryn Cosemetic Bundle

Hello, I purchased the Ogryn Cosemetic bundle the one with the face mask with the gas mask like features.

The problem I have with the set, is that it does not work as designed without clipping the model of my Ogryn’s face.

As leveling takes quite a lot of time, and I like the specific face, and items of my Ogryn, changing to a new ogryn that complies with the limitations of the mask cosemetic is not feasible.

As such I would like a refund of that bundle. Steam ID: 76561197985704709

“The Boulder of Bagordan” is the sets name

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Not that this is the right solution to the problem, but you can change your ogryn’s face without making a new ogryn. Go see the barber (behind the weapons merchant).

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I did not know this feature existed thank you for sharing.

I do agree that it doesn’t solve my problem, because I genuinely love all the ogryn faces, and thought this one was just wholesome and loveable, but in the skin shop its clear that the preview face does not take into account which face option you have so I bought this thinking it would not have clipped pieces.

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