Remove warpfire thrower postmortem sounds

Simply put, remove the dead warpfire “engine” sound effects or make them only play immediately on death. It’s very distracting in a bad way. Sometimes the sound will play even after 10 seconds (I may or may not be exaggerating) or more of the warpfire thrower being slain.

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I kinda love it, but I can see why it would bother others and be slightly disruptive.

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definitely a bug because even though it’s long dead and body disappeared, the location it died still emits the pained sounds.

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I am not talking about pain sounds, let me be clear. I am referring to the sound made after a warpfire thrower dies that you can still see the corpse but the sound it makes is easily mistaken for yet another living warpfire thrower-as if it’s about to fire again. Another idea is to make it a much different tone, as many sounds in the game are indistinguishable during chaotic periods especially.

yea, maybe i should have worded it correctly.

basically it still emits sounds that suggests it’s still alive, which makes me keep doing double-takes on the location, only to realise it’s the bugged sound.

i’ve adapted playstyle to acknowledge and ignore it, but still needs fixing.

Speaking of postmortem sounds it would be nice if the Blightstormer also stopped singing nursery rhymes when he died instead of continuing for the next 15 seconds.

Fine as it is.

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