Remove Beastmen From Certain DLC maps

Why do you come in to this thread with so much arrogance? Points have been brought up that aren’t nonsensical, Beastmen are still an unfinished faction. Do you disagree with that?

Why doesn’t FatShark try to improve the faction without completely removing parts of it (spearmen behavior etc.)? Beastmen are the most boring faction in the game to fight because of the complete lack of unit diversity. Some people don’t get them often, but for me that gets almost exclusively Beastmen spawn maps from start to finish often, it’s just boring.


What I’d do with beastmen is as follows:

  • Lower archer range, maybe limit their number of shots
  • swap the ratio of Ungors to Gors in hordes to mirror that of Chaos hordes and then do the reverse for Chaos hordes
  • make Gor headbutt animations a bit more consistent to dodge/deal with (though this one I’m not really sure on how to do)

The reasoning for point 2 on that list is that Beastmen spawn in ambushes and in pretty high density, it doesn’t make sense for them to have more mass than chaos but use the same ambush tactics as skaven, it becomes very painful very quickly. Whereas Chaos should be more marauders than fanatics since fanatics aren’t even a particularly lore friendly unit as far as norsca is concerned which should be majority marauders when it comes to run-of-the-mill infantry whereas beastmen should have a higher presence of ungors. if this makes it too easy to just butcher through beastmen then ungors with shields could be added to balance it out (which would also add a very slight touch of unit diversity).


Yeah you don’t sound arrogant yourself at all.

The thing is, people think they know stuff about the game but they actual have no clue whatsoever.
Base their suggestions on some intuitive motion because I can’t beat it then I have to change it.

Now I am curious to hear what’s actually wrong with beastmen spears.

From the first post in this thread you were hostile for no reason. You are still being hostile in that reply and not answering what I even said.


Because I couldn’t care less to be honest simple as that whatever you perceive as hostile is subjective in that matter.

You clearly care alot.

Beastmen are unfinished and have issues, however you wanna argument against it. But this discussion is offtopic anyway, Op was just responding to someone who asked why alot of players don’t enjoy fighting against beastmen.

The point of this thread is to make the patch notes more consistent. Where beastmen don’t spawn in town area’s and human settlements. Op has already admitted garden of morr doesn’t have any human settlements, but the others still remain. If there are any human settlements where beastman can still spawn then they should be mentioned in the patch notes.


Op didn’t get defensive though. he/She admitted garden of morr doesn’t have human settlements (or does it?), so its fine there. The post isn’t even about that he/she can’t handle beastmen, it’s just about bringing it more in line with the other maps with a change that is already in the game and applied to non-dlc maps.
You can also clearly see he/she can handle beastmen, as the screenshots show beastmen at the end of certain maps, i don’t see how this is a cry of ‘i am too bad pls remove’.

Also having beastmen on the entire map shouldn’t be the case. As much as i love beastmen they shouldn’t overtake other factions.

Also about your spawning coëfficients. Why don’t they make it where beastmen cannot spawn in towns but then have a chance to spawn in open areas?

Bogenhafen screenshot: seems like beastmen in a town area
The pit: seems like a town area
Horn of magnus: seems like a town area to me

So unless those buildings have been built by beastmen or any other faction, then they shouldn’t spawn there, they shouldn’t even have a chance to spawn there. If those buildings have been built by non-humans however, and it states that in the lore, then fatshark should of mentioned that in their patch notes.

Edit: the entire discussion that people have in here (including myself) about beastmen having issues is besides the original point of this thread. It matters, don’t get me wrong, but its a side point. Even if beastmen were perfectly designed and be weaker then other factions, then players would still complain about this.


As SirKruber pointed out Horn of Magnus is an illusion so I don’t see why it can’t have beastmen when it isn’t real to begin with.

As for your spawning coefficient question, I don’t know the different themes from the top of my head but map themes and spawning enemies is abit more complicated than that.

I have said this multiple times, I don’t know anything about the WH Lore, hence WH Lore requirements are not important to me maybe the confusion comes from there.

I don’t argue from the point of WH Lore related balancing but rather generally.

That said I only have one argument for a beastmen nerf and that is archers, but they don’t bother me that much honestly.

Also to somebody mentioning headbutt attacks being inconsistent, I am not arguing against it, but considering how ‘‘inconsistent’’ running attacks are and enemies hitting through eachother on high enemy density I don’t see this being any different from the rest of these attacks.

P.S: I love Beastmen, please don’t make them even more scarce than they already are.

why dont we all try to convince fatshark to add an option in the menu that lets us enable or disable beastmen. then they can increase their spawns to what it was before their spawns got nerfed. that way, everyone should get pleased and we can stop this crying about wantong more beastmen or not wanting beastmen.

archers dont get less annying no matter how skilled a player it. cant dodge or block archer arrows if you cant see them and are too busy fighting a mixed horde. its also a waste of ammo to shoot them unless you have a career that have infinite ammo.

i would want beastmen to be completely removed from the ubersreik maps, since those are the maps where i get the most beastmen tides.


That’s possible if you disable the Dlc. The issue most players thayt don’t like beastmen have is that someone can host with the dlc and someone who doesn’t like beastmen can still get them. It’s the same with dlc maps to a certain extent. You can not own the dlc but join a bogenhafen map.

The illusion still has to make sense. And:

Beastmen don’t like hanging around in cities like Ubersreik and Bogenhafen. Above comment by @Fatshark_Hedge should apply to the DLC maps too.

I agree. This will allow both sides (those who like beastmen and those who don’t) to have a game that suits their preference. I don’t like the workaround of disabling the WoM DLC just to get rid of beastmen, because of the other unintended consequences.

Or just give us the deed rework that we have been asking for over 2 years now and add a beastmen mutator could be a solution aswell.
Shouldn’t be a problem since weaves have beastmen modifications.

While I’m not thrilled about finding them in Horn of Magnus and Garden of Morr, I can live with it because those are illusions and the bestmen presence could be justified as a glitch or the chaos warlock’s magic. I think they shouldn’t be there for the majority of a map though, it gets annoying/boring.
They should be removed from The Pit and The Blightreaper maps, strongly agee. They kill immersion there.
For the same reason they should be removed from Halescourge, and The Screaming Bell.
Other than this their presence in the game is ok. I hope we can have them in future maps, when it makes sense.

you cant play cata if you disable the dlc. for legend players that is not a problem. for me, it is.



Until next year, when beastmen finally get removed from the Ubersreik maps.


I just played a match in Horn of Magnus and did not see a single beastman. Perhaps the above change also applied to Ubersreik maps?

I still have beastmen in Ubersreik and Bogenhafen both.

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I was spamming Horn of Magnus for a short while earlier and got Beastmen about 75% of the time like usual

I just ran Horn of Magnus and they were present for the majority of the map, from the very first enemy seen right up until the end event.

They at least seemed abscent from the end event.

Ungor Archers also waiting inside the cairn at the end. :roll_eyes:

I see. It seems that the supposed change did not take effect. I just ran The Blightreaper, and saw beastmen there.

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