Release the slaves and chaos warriors vote crashes twitch mode often

very old and annoying problem please fix it.

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Do you mean the twitch event that spawns either savages or a horde? If so, then the bug has already been reported in the below thread. Or is there an event that spawns CW or a horde that also causes the crash?

no. i mean what i said. let the ppl making the game do the talking. twitch mode keeps crashing because its trying to force things that dont belong on maps. FIX YOUR GAME PLS

Yep, I also happen to do legendary twitch games with some friends and this chaos warriors spawn crashes the game.

Now we know it, we even call for it when the vote happens… “incoming crash”

Is this problem known by fatshark and are session logs required to investigate further?

Does this only happen on specific maps?

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I tested some more by going on 3/3 twitch on recruit, and it seems that the twitch event itself isn’t relevant, as long as it is an event that has the “Release the slaves!” vote. The game seems to have a high chance of crashing when the horde spawns. I got the crash during an event with the “Release the slaves!” and “Kill it with fire!” votes, and I bet it crashed because it tried to spawn the horde.

Thing is, “Release the Slaves!” doesn’t always cause the game to crash. So there seems to be some additional requirement for it to happen.

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The map choice might be the additional requirement we’re looking for. My recent crash was on Warcamp, and I had just switched to that map. I was previously testing on Righteous Stand and wasn’t getting any crashes from the vote then.

After some more testing, I’m starting to doubt the map is the missing component. Just got two “Release the slaves!” votes on Warcamp, and it did not crash the game. And one of them was during the event that crashed my earlier Warcamp map.

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There might be 2 different crashes, as we don’t have a crash report from this one. I think @NewType his problem is that it crashes when certain enemy factions try to spawn on a map where that faction can’t normally spawn. But it seems to be related to ‘release the slaves’ in one way or another.

Maybe cw’s crash on into the nest or something, or hordes crash when there is already a horde active.

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Crash reports, pleeeease!

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I’m almost 100% sure @NewType had similar crash reports that i got here Berserkers and horde event on twitch make game crash 100% of the time

yes what mattie is saying. if twitch mode tries to place enemies that aren’t allowed on a map, it crashes. even if its allowed, it still might crash on chaos warriors vote, for example: war camp map. it crashes often when chaos warrior vote and release the slaves votes happen. they are allowed on that map. some at Fatshark play that map with twitch mode on cata for a lil and you will see. @FatsharkJulia you have “achknowledged” the chaos warrior crash a long time ago. pls fix this

“need more info”. This is honestly the most info we can give and is in our ability to test out, unless you want crash reports? which i could all post here but dont wanna spam this thread with crash reports, unless you want me to.

You got a massive list of crash reports from me, what more could you possibly need? Its been 31+ days now…

There is more from other players too…Besides me and mattie.

Since the 12th of feb twitch has crashed so many games…At this point im beyond annoyed.

If a report has been acknowledged, it’s in our database and awaiting resolution.

There is no need to repost crashes that have already been acknowledged. Crashes are a high priority by default, and I cannot make development work any quicker.

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