Regular cosmetic recolors - what matches what?

The lack of a preview in the regular shop’s cosmetics has me confused about what matches what. Like the “Navy Imperialis Boarding Party Helm” is suppose to match…which chest color? ?? IS there a color chart somewhere?

Also, why is it there’s… like five of each item from penances, but the recolors are often not in the shop. Is there an explanation somewhere?

IE, My Psyker has the “Going out with a Bang” “Storm Witch Duty Raiment” but no recolors in the shop. ?

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They have the same name, just sometimes only the chest or only the pants are available, at least on veteran.

I don’t like it either.

Or the selection of colors.

On vet the helmet is ‘conclave issued’ but there isn’t a ‘conclave issued XYZ’ upper or lower. Same for navy boarding. Thoughts?

I think the recolours are only for the cosmetics unlocked purely by leveling up, haven’t seen any of the “achieve at x difficulty” recolours.

It seems like you unlock the recolours 5 levels after you unlock the respective cosmetic from the leveling up penances. When I’d first unlock the recolour I’d usually only get one or two new recolours in the shop, after one rotation my shops seem to always have the full recolour catalogue.