Refinery Delta-17 Ledge Where Ogryns Get Stuck

Issue Description: There is an area in Refinery Delta-17 (Contagion Map) where an Ogryn can get stuck in a perpetual fall, with no way of getting out. They can still shoot and use melee, but they can not move out of the location. It is on the outside location where you have to go down multiple sets of stairs to reach the ground floor. When you first enter this location, if you take a path on the right instead of the left, you can fall into this small area. It has green tapestry/flags and does not allow you to escape. No amount of jumping, charging, etc. 2 of our Ogryns fell into this “hole” and got stuck, causing them to get shot down from the enemy over time.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Ogryn
  2. Play Refinery Delta-17
  3. Get to the location where you have to start taking multiple staircases down to get to the bottom.
  4. take a path on the right near the beginning of this section. There will be a small area that looks like you can jump across it.
  5. fall into this area instead of jumping.

Mission Name: Refinery Delta-17

Platform: Steam/Computer

Player ID:

Approx Time of Issue and Timezone:
12/2/2022 5:20 PM UTC

Reproduction Rate:
Multiple Times