Rapier's pistol (alt attack of the Rapier); which way would be more comfortable?

  • Hold and Release to Fire
  • Same as Now

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:thinking: kind of an odd question.

I’ve got weapon special mapped to a side button on the mouse and have a genuine problem of twitching when i press it, missing a bunch of headshots, but a hold and release function would probably have the same problems with input lag and miss clicks I get with beam staff. Plus the side pistol is meant for melee range use so probably better as is now.

“twitching” That’s why I suggested a “Hold and Release to Fire”.

Just add it as option but knowing FS they wont :smiley:


I think hold and release to fire would be superior, but like with Kruber’s Longbow I’m so used to the way it is now that I’m not sure if I’m fit to judge anymore.

There’s an art in landing shots with it, but it’s also kind of an artificial way of making it awkward, so I think I lean towards a hold and release to fire.

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