Ranger Bardin Permanently Invisible For Entire Mission

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Bug Encountered/Frequency
Hi FatShark Developers, I encountered a bug when I played yesterday sometime after the 4.2 patch where I somehow became permanently invisible as Ranger Bardin during a mission on “Against The Grain” on Legend difficulty. I was with 3 other (random) people at the time. This bug only happened to me once.

Steps To Reproduce
I’ve only encountered this issue once, and haven’t been able to reproduce it. Trying to remember how I was able to cause it to happen the first time … maybe fighting on the very edge on my smoke cloud and constantly going in and out of it at the perfect time(s) may have had something to do with it.

Unfortunately I was not able to capture video proof of the issue happening directly after I had used my ability. However, please see the video link here for proof that it happened, as it shows me invisible for an entire minute (and also, for the rest of the mission too) - https://youtu.be/AH6dGI1hiHU

Other Notes
Not going to lie, being invisible was quite funny and enjoyable throughout the mission, as no enemies would target me and it made killing/reviving real easy. It was essentially a free mission at that point. I stayed invisible as long as I could, without using my ability again. However, at the end of the mission, I did use my ability again to see if it would overwrite the perma-invisibleness, and it did. So I was able to “fix” this by simply using my ability again.

EDIT: Changed version to “after the 4.2 update” … not the 4.2.1 update.

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This happens on console too. Sometimes you’ll select OCE and when you join the mission, you’ll be an invisible ranger vet ( lol )

This happened to me too on legend The Pit a week ago.

I used my disengage active ability during a horrendous lag spike and became perma invisible until my ability recharged. After using it the 2nd time, I went back to normal.

I think it’s somehow tied to the connection to the host as the invisible Slayer bug was on launch.

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