Question about the new beta

It’s a big download som my questikon is. When the sharp version arrives, do I have to reinstall the entire game? Do I have to uninstall something before I install the beta, if I decide to do so?

In previous betas, when the beta became the live patch you’d only have to download a small patch with all the changes between the live version and the beta, if there are any. By contrast, people who weren’t in the beta would have to download all 9 gigs for the first time.

Thank you for answering.
Beside VT2 I sometimes play Killing Floor 2. When you install a beta update in KF2, you can ONLY play with people who’s got the update. This restriction applies to all maps, not only to the beta map, since you have different versions of the game.
If you feel restricted beacuse of that, you will have to reinstall the game. If you do THAT, then you can’t play the beta map.
In KF2 you have to make a choice.
Does VT2 use the same restriction?

Yes. But, you do not have to reinstall, it will only delete the Beta files.

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Thanks for answering.

This is the great thing about steam delta patching. Having to download a completely separate game client to run beta tests seems so primitive these days.