Just Pre-Buy Quesitons

Hi there,

ive played the closed Beta back a few weeks ago and now im very very hyped for the full release.

There were a few things that doesnt went smoothly in the beta so just want to ask a few question before i buy the game

  1. Performace. Is it a bit better then the “old” closed Beta one?
  2. Mouse Acceleration. Are there some Mouse settings where i can disable Acceleration or change my sensitivity?
  3. Toggle Zoom. Is there an option to toggle the Zoom on fire weapons? or any config changed which achieve the same result?
  4. Lobby. Is the Lobby still empty like in the Beta and my friends are on another instance? Or is there some meaningful life in the new “Area” where you spawn inbetween matches?

Maybe some of the questions are already asked in the forum but i did not fiind it or just ddid not search enough.

Thank you :slight_smile: