My feedback from closed beta


Just want to preface this by saying im really excited for this game!

First of all performance needs a lot of tuning. FPS is sailing around 50-90.
RTX 3070Ti
16gb ram
2,5 inch SSD

Then speedrunning some problems,

Weapon switching between ranged/melee seems a bit slow compared to vt2. Cant use range in the middle of the horde to snipe specials and then going straight back to mowing down hordes.

In the hub area there was a lot of disconnects. About once every 2-3 minutes.

Responsivity in melee. Sometimes pushes etc. didnt go through as excpected.

In one game one of the teammates was invisible. Name tag was still visible though.

All in all have been waiting for this game for a couple of years and wasnt disappointed! Was a part of the technical test and the closed beta so thank you FatShark.

-Enjoyer of Bugmans