Question about Cosmetic Hats


I remember reading somewhere that when you unlock all the hats on one character, you will get hats for a new character. Can you confirm this? And give us a number of how many hats each character currently has that can be unlocked?

I currently have 3 hats for each class of Kerillian, so 9 in total, not including the 100 clear hats, which would be 4 for each class. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen another hat… What I’m asking, is there a possibility I’ve unlocked all the hats currently available for the elf and it is not giving me hats for other characters. I’ve opened every single commendation chest(lvl up chest) on Kerillian.


No response yet.

Does anyone have a list of the Kerillian hats that are currently unlockable? Can people post what hats they have? Maybe I don’t have them all, and I’m getting that bad luck now.

Look for steam society

u wut mate?

If you unbox a hat of a different character than you selected you have all dropable hats of said one.

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Yea, that’s what I was referencing earlier. I want to make sure it’s actually working though. Has anyone here ever got a hat for another character?

Do we have a community list of what hats are dropable right now?

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I have all the hats that page has listed, plus more. I am assuming that I have all the Elf hats that are unlockable at this time. So I’m either getting really unlucky now after hundreds of commendation chests with no drops. Or the system is not working properly and hats for other classes are not dropping.

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