Push, Block, Revive and their weird interaction

This gonna be a weird one but you can pick up some fun useful info. I’m not sure if this belongs to bug section I will put it here for now.

1: Since one of the old patch, you no longer need to hold block & revive, the game automatically puts you into block state during reviving. If you manually block revive, you can release the right click in the midway and still keep the block state. You can even block revive with range weapon in your hand, though it’s not recommended since you still want to block post reive attacks.
2: Push gives block state. You can block & keep pushing and will maintain the block state all the time. This also means you can block/parry with a barrel in your hand.

And here is the bug part. There still are two ways you can lose your block during revive.
1: If you revive during the mid of push attack, you will lose block for a short duration.
2: If you push and revive, and release the right click during the revive, you will also lose your block for a short duration.
But both have a very very short window, you still have block most of the time.

Idk if we are going to see a fix for this since it’s super rare & hard to mimic, but to avoid these two rare scenarios, you can:

  1. if you push into revive, you need to hold right click all the time
  2. try not to push attack into revive, double push would be safer

Hmm. I have a related question. If I go down with my ranged weapon out, I’ll revive with my ranged weapon out when I really want my melee out to block. Can I swap when I’m downed or being revived?

Don’t think so, you can only try to swap out your melee as fast as possible.

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