Psyker Keystones and how to fix them

Empowered Smite presently has a mechanic that lets you blast it indefinitely with no peril cost. Unsure if this is intended but in case it isnt and is intended to use peril and not be indefinite, then Smite NEEDS the ability to crit.

I realize there are many passives in the tree which proc from crit, and some would argue it would be game breaking to the psyker to have a continuous AOE stream that crits. However, the Rifthaven Mk II Purgatus Force Staff is also an aoe stream that continuously procs damage like smite, except the Purgatus staff can crit. It should be noted both attacks are interruptible. So if the argument is posed that an AOE stream with rapid damage would break the game if it could crit, then that argument must address content already in the game aka the Purgatus Force Staff. If Smite is made to consistently generate peril then I fail to see any reason why it shouldn’t be able to crit and be a better damage performer, especially considering if its fixed to always generate peril and thus be a limited instead of indefinite resource. Smite is NOT a burn or a dot, it is an actively used ability which consumes resources (peril) and should be treated as such.

Also as its been pointed out the description is misleading as it says “charge to deal high damage and impact to an enemy on release” but what it actually means to say is “Charging will increase the damage of your initial channel time” as ‘releasing’ the ability does pitifully low damage to whatever it hits.

Note on Enfeeble: It would be nice to know if “Enemies affected by your smite take 10% increased damage from all sources” also affects Smite’s damage by x1.10 OR if this only affects incoming damage from all other sources. A note in the keystone description on this like “This also affects smite” would be helpful.

Venting Shriek: Creeping flames and Warp Rupture shouldn’t be gate-kept behind Becalming Eruption. This placement makes no sense to me and is restrictive on a soulblaze / warp charges build which is already point-heavy to begin with due to warp charges and forces the player to detract points from toughness nodes.

Scriers Gaze
Presently the cooldown is NOT affected by Warp Charges.
4 warp charges at 7.5% per charge should have a 30% reduction in cooldown time. For Scryer’s Gaze which has a CD of 30 seconds, this is represented as
((1-(4x.075))x30) = 21 seconds
And 6 warp charges at 7.5% per charge should have a 45% reduction in cooldown time, this is represented as: ((1-(6x.075))x30) = 16.5 seconds

I suspect this bug has something to do with the fact that Scryer’s Gaze has a conditional cooldown start time, aka when it’s duration ends at discretion of the player - unlike the other two combat abilities which initiate their CD start time immediately upon their use.

Presently the ability makes it far far too easy to pop yourself. There either be the option to end the ability manually/early OR there should be a 1 second buffer time upon reaching 100% where you can’t pop as it gives players a moment to cognitively register the event. Some grace time is arguably needed here as it FORCES the player to reach 100% to end the ability (this is not a choice/gamble made by the player like normal peril generation). This is the most common complaint on this ability besides it consuming warp charges with no benefit. Quite frankly its just very dangerous to use, especially considering the rapid increase in the rate of peril generated the more the Gaze continues.

Psyker Talent Mobility
Psyker needs the ability to move from Prescience node to Venting Shriek, or from Kinetic Presence to Scrier’s Gaze. Neither the Zealot nor the Veteran have this restriction placed upon them anywhere in their tree.

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