Psyker clothes clipping

Issue Description:
Hanging cloth pieces clips with baggy pants

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Play Psyker
  2. Wear Convict Garb (lower body)
  3. Wear ‘Storm Witch’s Leash Raiment’
  4. Observe the warpcloth becoming intangible, as it phases in and out of the immaterium a million times per second

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More clipping:

  1. Deimos Mk VIa Rebreather - clipping on the breather:

  1. Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment - hand clips through gun holster and sleeve into the pipes:

  1. Battlegear (Mortis Operative) - garment clips through accessories:

Pipes clip on almost every upper body garment. Some physics on them would do wonders.

  1. Storm Witch’s Service Raiment:

  1. Illissi Mk Vc Psykana Garb:

Hair clipping:

  1. Obscurus Mk If Psykana Collar - hair clips while running and head tilted:

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