PSA, Zealots, watch out if you're running "Refinery Delta-17"

Couldn’t be arsed to fill out the whole bug report for something as minor as this, which also isn’t really a bug but rather an oversight.

As mentioned in the title, Zealots in the final part of Refinery Delta can quite easily end up having to leave the mission due to getting knocked off the platform by an explosive barrel and falling all the way to the very bottom of the map, which isnt that big of a problem as it should kill you, and would kill any other class.

Zealot however does not die if this happens due to “Until Death”, leaving you on 1 hp under the platform at the very bottom of the map, which is an area you can’t get out of and no enemies will spawn or attack you, nor can your team shoot you and kill you through friendly fire, effectively making it impossible to finish the mission (unless I’m missing something here)

I’ve got a rather shitty screenshot since I forgot to just screenshot my main screen and had to make a real dirty cropjob for the picture,


Happened one to y teammate. Somehow he died after few minutes ?

I didn’t, though it might have had something to do with the entire team apart from me got killed a while after I got launched, I believe I stayed for roughly 10 minutes before leaving

+1. Happened to me earlier.

I left and tried to join back onto a friend, but sadly they finished the map before I rejoined.

This happened to me. Some of the walls at the bottom are not real so you can just run through them and fall off the map and die.