PSA - Beware of steam scammers/phishers using friend's accounts!

People/bots are using a phishing scam to use people’s accounts and spread around stealing credentials. That means people who are your friends may ask you peculiar things because their account is compromised. The aforementioned friend also had friends deleted off their account, including me (thankfully discord exists).

Notice irregular behavior and if you’re skeptical of a link, type it in google search (NOT YOUR TOP BAR) and see what happens.

Notice how the website isn’t showing up in search?

You can also use scam checking websites like . You can also hover your cursor over a link and look in the bottom left if your browser to see where the link actually goes. I use firefox so this is how it looks for me:

Do not ever enter your credentials in a place you do not trust. If you feel you’ve been compromised, then change your password as soon as possible.

Gotta keep the rat slayers protected!


This is pretty funny, reminds me of this.

Just never click any links from strangers, nor friends acting strange, had a mate of mine logged his steam account on this third party shady cs go item lottery later on he started sending links to everybody on his friendslist, worse yet, in english, a language he doesn’t even speak.

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