Ps5 CE-108264-1 crash

On latest ps4/ps5 patch 4.4.2 I think. Was sitting by myself in the keep while upgrading athenor and got CE-108264-1 crash. Running regular non beta ps5 firmware, 4k output, max fov, motion control disabled, running on default ssd that comes with ps5. Had played maybe 2 games earlier. Router is DMZ’d

Psn beerninja88

Just tried chaos wastes after the new ps4 patch (on ps5) and it still crashes just as much as prepatch. There is nearly 100% chance of it crashing if you are the host and you initiate a run from the beginning. When you get to around the 2nd to last level it crashes with CE-108264-1

Thank you for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience, we’re checking it out.

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