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Issue Summary: The PS4 version of the game has some feature breaking issues related to Tomes and Grimoires, which won’t allow players to obtain them.

The quickest example I can give is this:

Map - Righteous Stand. The first Grimoire to be found would normally need the players to jump up on a cart, and then step around a wall, and this allowed you to get on top of the stacked boxes and grab the grim. But in the PS4 version, there’s no hole in the wall to allow you to do this now.

Then the second tome is found on a wooden platform, and you’re supposed to be able to stand underneath it, jump, then grab it. But it does not work in the PS4 version, unlike the PC version.

Hopefully the dev team can do a pass over the tomes and grind, and make sure they can all be obtained on the PS4 version, because it’s a serious issue currently.

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Dude you can the grimoire by going up stairs and jumping down the hole in the floor on the box to the right and second tome you have to pull the lever in the room above. Do some more reasearch before posting bug

First off, I don’t need your attitude.

I looked at multiple different guides and vids about how to get the tomes and grims, and all she the same methods to obtaining them.

Do some research? Both games are supposed to have identical maps; if they’re different, that’s a problem. 0:16 0:54 different guide, can’t do this method either…

What about the Convocation map? You get a key when you jump down into that pit full of bodies, then you go to the next section and are supposed to be able to jump up these rocks to get to stone platform, but in the PS4 version you literally cannot jump up on the rocks to do this… 2:20

haven’t played before on ps4 but the righteous stand grim in the barracks got changed on every platform. The second tome is no longer obtainable through the floor. Just because an old guide says you can do this doesn’t mean that’s still true.

Not an attitude but just cause u havent figured it out doesn’t mean it’s a bug lol every tome and grim is obtainable on the ps4 version 2 2:20

This one is? Try it then.

This is from March, that’s 9 months ago on a different platform no wonder your lost.

You would think everything is the same but I found the frustrating way it not they are on different patches and ps4 patches its relatively old

But I’ll double check when I get home but I check with my friend they can still get that grim.

I’m glad righteous stand are working properly then. But Convocation has a Grim, which I showed above, that I absolutely cannot get, and I tried with my teammates.

I’m still working through every location on every map to make sure they’re all obtainable. But if anyone can confirm they are , then of course I’m very happy about that.

That’s the old way. We now go up on the right side of the entrance. You jump on the cart there and then up the rocks.

I only play on ps4 and I have completed every map on champion with on grim and 3 tomes. I do rightous stand like twice a day with grim and tomes…

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