[PS4] Server error in all scoreboard (and can't play act or weaves)


I have some issue since February.
I can play the game in all map, but in the end, i always have a “server error” message, when we reach the scoreboard (maybe 8-9 server error for 10 game)

I still have XP and loot, but it’s pretty annoying. If i’m the host, they all crash and had nothing. In the other case, i always need to join them again.

I can’t play Act (server error when i’m loading), and weaves (server issue in the end of the first part).

I try everything, many time,but nothing change.

I have no issue with other multiplayer game, and my ping is always pretty ok.

The server error message spawn always at the same time (scoreboard, end of weaves before the second part, and when i try to load an act).

I play on PS4. I know than a update is coming, but, i see nobody with the same issue, so i’m pretty worry about that (or hopeless)

Thank’s for you’r listening!
(And sorry for my english : not my first langage, i’m pretty bad)

Sorry to hear about your issues Nateila. The patch is coming very soon, early next week, and addresses a bunch of issues - so please see if there’s any improvement once it’s been released. If not, let me know, and I’ll escalate this to a Console Developer.


Since Sunday, no more issue for me (only one or two after many game).
After the patch, i try three game and three weaves, and no issue.

In on way or another, i can play, now, without server error, so… Thank you very much!

Keep going Fatshark, your do an amazing job! Me and my friend, we are a huge fan of your game!

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