[PS4] Inconsistent Deed Joining

Issue Summary:
Posted this originally on the Reddit, but found more info to clarify. If friends or PSN community members try to join in on a player playing a deed, usually they are met by “This player has instituted a deed” message and cannot join. However, sometimes it lets them through with no issue. Great for friends trying to join me, not so great for new community members unknowingly joining in on a vanguard, bhfs, sudden death deed.

Contrary to what I said on the reddit, it DOES NOT seem to just be limited to people joining in from the PSN community tile.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Host a deed
  2. See if anyone joins

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
I honestly can’t tell you a reproduction rate as usually I’m the one people join in on.

It’s possible to join an ongoing deed by joining while playing the same map.

(I’m not excluding other possibilities but I don’t know others)

I’m working off the assumption they’re not playing anything if they’re joining in through the community tile since I’ve had randoms just pop in (which is the only way a random could join a private game). I’m aware of workarounds on Steam/PC, but haven’t cracked the code on PS4 yet.

I’ve had friends just join me through their keep while others will be locked out. It’s really bizarre.

As far as I know, you need to be on a unused character of the deed you want to join via Friends. And you have to be in a match already, then you can join. It might have to be the same map loaded.

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