Preset Loadouts

I’d appreciate a way to quick swap through pre-saved loadouts.

Loadouts per Character to include Weapons, Curios, and Cosmetic Setup.



This. With the new trees, some talent presets are valid for a single weapon loadout. Which can be changed to complement teammates. Re-spending up to 30 talent points ( as contrary to before/Vermintide 2, the talents chosen are not fully independent, but linked to the previous one ), which would already be a bother with pre-arranged teammates, is just non viable when playing with randoms.
Having the possibility of managing preset talent and equipment loadouts would, i think, make the last update more enjoyable.

We have this already. In the Character Menu Upper right corner, there is a Little + that Allofs you to create up to five presets per character.

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Indeed. That was pretty discreet. Thanks a lot !