Premium Cosmetic

For the next set of premium Head cosmetic could we have those:

Slayer: Norse Berserker

Blue hair and beard, fur loincloth

Hunter: Faceless

Though I do know that it’s a Bretonnian career in the WFrpg but it’s aesthetic are nice

No/shaded Face, leather clothes for the Aragorn wannabe

Waystalker: Ghost Strider

With a Cloak of leaves, maybe Autumn coloured leaves to distinguish it enough

Zealot: Flagellants

Book breastplate, no real demand upon the head

Unchained: Malok's Daughter


Red Scale-like armour, mask in the likeliness of a Red Dragon that wroke Destruction in Estalia (Malok’s lair is somewhere in Estalia, Isla de Sangre)

No picture of what it could look because I don’t have any idea where to look