Poll: What does Darktide need the most right now?

A bit of variation like procedural routes through existing maps would freshen them up a little bit.

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Almost impossible to choose with this one as Darktide is lacking in so many of these areas. Im tempted to say content for example, more variable talents trees or additional classes may make the relatively stale maps bearable, but with the limitations to end game gearing, slow leveling time, limited character menu, and a handful of other issues, I dont think that would be enough to breathe life back into the game. A LOT of this stuff needs to be added sooner rather than later.

What we got was unfortunately an unfinished game labeled as live service that is basically experiencing a meaningful content drought.

I feel bad because I love FS and feel like i’ve garnered a close relationship with the company over the years, seeing Vermintide grow from V1 to V2 (a game which I consider one of if not the best game of all time.) So Darktide has been immensely disappointing, especially seeing it rife with the same issues that were once problematic in V2 simply returning.

FS needs to try and find the forest through the trees. Do balance patches and minor updates matter? Yes, of course. But the core gameplay is lacking a LOT of substance and weapon / talent tweaking can wait until core problems are fixed.


hold your horses! No one needs balance changes just for the sake of change. Sure the will be meta builds. But if you start changing stuff just so there is no meta coming up, then you gonna walk a line that takes you to a path you clearly not wanna go in a game where crafting costs resources.

Hell i sure stop playing this as soon as something similar to the Diablo 3 ‘‘seasons’’ comes, where you have to refarm everything because they change the gear and meta every season.
The core gameplay of a tide game, is that you master your gear and get better with it. Not adapt to new meta every month.


Believe it or not, thinking the same thing. Meta is meta, it’s only a real problem when it becomes an overbearing vacuum allowing an average player to suck up the game from the rest of the team.

The only persistent balance tweaks I still want to see is more plasma, recon lasgun, and combat shotgun viability (it literally wouldn’t take much either).

Blessings need another pass, but unlocking the crafting system is more important imo.

Imo the single biggest thing it needs isn’t on the list at all: players need to be able to pick their map modifiers

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The obvious answers are more content but I know these are time consuming and expensive exercises.

I’d really like to see a more thorough balance pass be taken on the off-meta weapons. These are assets that already exist with animations, sounds etc. and just require a few numerical tweaks. It’s amazing how much fresher the game can be when using different combinations of weapons whose viability has just been uplifted.

PS buff the Ogryn Latrine Shovel.

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I disagree. Stale metas are horrible for replayability, especially when the meta makes the game a faceroll. Obviously you don’t want things turned on their head every other week, but having a meta last months is boring as hell. It simply isn’t fun for every run to be identical to the last for months at a time.

Agreed, that’s why I said:


No it is not just that. You have people farm weeks over weeks to finally get the weapon they want with the stats and blessings they want. And then you suddenly ‘‘balance’’ things like you say to shift away from meta builds. And suddenly they have to farm weeks over weeks again because now they suddenly need a maxed out shovel, that they never played and do not own, just to come close again to what their axe could do before.

You can not change and shift the balance in a game that has crafting and rng mixed together on the weapons. That would be absolute not fair for anyone that has not the time to play 24/7.
You saw what happend with the PS change now. People have Power swords with locks on the blessings and can not change them. Some even went over to other weapons. But these other weapons need to be upgraded and reblessed too.

If you don’t like meta builds then change your weapon. Don’t demand me to change mine for you too.


What you’re complaining about there is the crafting grind. That’s a separate issue and I acknowledged that in the post that you first responded to.

What I’m suggesting is using more frequent balance changes to prevent the stale gameplay that’s often caused by balance states that last too long. Other parts of the game would need to be adjusted to make that work, of course.

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This game needs by priority:

  1. More missions, but missions outside hive city, like mission on agriworld, and missions with different enemy…Inquisition own a warp travel ship, this shoudnt be a problem
  2. Max game dificulty in darktide is somewhere between vermintide 2 champion and legend, I personaly find it easy, new afixes also can be good
  3. As vermintide 2 crys for undead thats how darktide crys for tyranids (fatshark alraedy working with guy who maked Spacehulk - deathwing, tyranid models are already in data base, just improve them)
  4. Lore and sense of making your progress to be part of inqisition warband, something to work on

Or you understand that selling Cosmetic without supporting the game is much more difficult, so you support the game, and get money by selling cosmetics.

Classes if they are quite deep could be envisionable to needing to be paid for, as would archetypes as they need new fully fledged personality sets

Removing the locks is probably number 1, it’s also the easiest to do. So do it Fatshark, listen to your community please.

Another thing I would love to see soon is new classes, especially a new Ogryn class, give me a Gunlugger and the Heavy Bolter and Auto Cannon to go with it as well please.

Last concerns would mostly be with balance and FPS.

Why does a 1000kg slab of meat hitting a poxwalker in the head with a massive club not 1 shot it? Yet you can easily kill other slabs with a few hits on the same weapon? Balance is poor with quite a few weapons.

The framerates could also be a bit better, so I’ll say that would be the final thing I’d prioritize.


Another great thread. Thanks!

For me its classes and maps then enemies then weapons. Content is the biggest hole that needs filling and i am desperate for good stuff.

absolutely not. If you want nyds go play spacehulk. Nyds are second in line after Orks when it comes to boring enemies. Not to mention that 40K space marine 2 will have Nyds as main enemies too.
Nurgle has so many possible enemy types to offer and it is the first time we ever got Nurgle stuff in an FPS game about 40K.

And how would you fit in Nyds against normal humans in melee fights. They are like Orks deadly enemies for Astartes already. Their claws cut Carapace.


But conversely Nurgle has been the primary Chaos enemy for the last 5 or so years of Warhammer 40k games, so I don’t blame people for wanting to see other types of enemies.

Normal humans fight hordes of termagaunts and hormagaunts all the time. Genestealers are way more dangerous in close quarters but they’re just another type of mook in a battle setting and they’re the ones that can cleave through carapace. It’s the elites that should make it a bit more interesting since they have a lot of options for both ranged and melee and killing elites disrupts the Hive Mind, making the lesser organisms below and around the elites less dangerous. Tyranids can be interesting but needs some thought in translating synapse and their other mechanics to a horde shooter.

I’d wish for Streum On to make a Space Hulk 2, but have it be much more like VT2/DT with it being a Multiplayer game first and foremost. And having the balance be set more on the melee combat, maybe having the weapon variants or not, could be nice still.

Orks can be boring, but they also can be very fun, like how the Skaven are. I’d prefer a Orcs or even Orruk game but Orks tide would have a lot of potential, but as it’s own game

I mean, Nurgle only has more Cultist Variants (Great weapons, shielded…) Nightmare/Collossal Hulks, Sorcerer/Psyker, of which a Lord could be pulled from. Then there are Daemons, so Plaguebearer (Elites), Heralds as Lords or Special (Slopitty Bilepiper), Nurgling, Plague Toad, a Plague Ogryn variant (datamined apparently, haven’t seen it)

So I think the Scab can grow, yes, so do the Scab, though more limited. But I’d hope that Darktide end up with the full might of Chaos featured, with 3 other factions appearing, each with their strength and weaknesses (Like Khornate getting more melee units of better quality, but losing a lot of their ranged capacities.), and getting Cultist, Monster, Lesser Daemons…

But why then again Nyds. What about Chaos mechanicum? Or a little raiding party from some dark eldar. And Tyranids not just suddenly appear. There would have to be a hive fleet on its way to Atoma Prime to make that happen. And that would instantly get the attention of Space Marines. And then the whole ‘‘there will be no support’’ setting would no longer work.

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I don’t have a preference in enemies, I’m just adding a bit of clarification to your statement that reads that all Tyranids are just Genestealers. And are always Astartes-level enemies only.

If I were to suggest enemy types, I would like to see Eldar and Dark Eldar corsairs.

Also tendrils of smashed hive fleets appear all over the place, and while the Imperium still does put a high priority on anything Tyranid approaching a planet, most of the grunt work is still dealt with by the PDF, the Guard and Ordos Xenos.

I agree in principle, but wouldn’t the presence of the Dark Mechanicum kinda have much the same effect in that it would necessitate an escalated response? Chaos cultists and even the occasional daemon is one thing, but I think the severity of the alarm for the appearance of Dark Mechanicum forces is second only to the presence of traitor legionnaires…

It doesn’t have to be proper Dark Mechanicum, but just stuff that a Chaos Warband had bought off them and loaned to the cults as support.

I would like to see forgefiends and maulerfiends in anything. In this they would make great monstrosities. Even though Inquisitor Martyr had them on the loading screens they weren’t actually in the game.

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