Please give us private +Levels after hitting Lvl. 30

Dear Fatshark,

i enjoy Darktide a lot. There’s this one little thing that constantly annoys me since i hit level 30.
There’s no +Levels like in VT2. A +Level that only the player can see. The Experience counter just stop counting after i hit 30.
For some reason this is super frustrating. I don’t even know why, but i don’t like it.
I’ve made a reddit post about this already and has gained quite a lot of feedback of likeminded individuals with the same wish - to give us an ongoing +level counter (i.e. 30(+1) etc.)
Please make sure to give it a thought. It surely wouldn’t lead to any toxicity since the +level is for private view only.
Once again: Please add it.


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i 100% agree with this. should absolutely be in the game.