Please disable the intro cinematic playing each time on launch

It’s rather annoying. Everyone here likely spams “Esc” to get through the loading sequence, which Fatshark has now modified to “Please hold space to skip” on the intro cinematic that no one ever watches, anyways.

We watch it once on first launch. Very similar to what Overwatch and Diablo do. Then we don’t really expect to see it again. And yet we do, and it’s now more annoying than ever to bypass. Can you just hide the intro after we’ve seen it, and make it replayable through a button/link in the operative selection screen?

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Look in options.

Thanks. :raised_hands:

Still kind boggles my mind though that they think this should be a configurable option… Why not just default to only playing it the first time and then hiding it behind a button somewhere… :\


Maybe if we raise hell some more we can get a groundbreaking blow-your-mind “skip intro” options there…

You asked and they kindly delivered, great QoL improvement.

I don’t mind the intro, but after having seen it god know how many times now, being able to skip it and re-connect to an in progress game a bit quicker is a welcome change.

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