Player Stimms, gifting Items - Notification (toggleable)

Player Stimms, but also ammot crates, medi-packs should have some sort of visual notification when giving them as gift to other players, in order to make them aware they have received the items.

In Vermintide 2, when someone would have gifted you a potion, the player’s icon would have appeared.

I think perhaps should be toggleable since some people may not like, i’m aware there is some sort of sound feedback when receiving items, but there should be also a visual notification, to improve more interaction and cooperation.


This is a no brainer. There doesn’t seem to be callouts when pinging them either, so I suspect they might have not had time to get it sorted out.

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oh yea, most of them do not have a callout.

it seems only the stimm (health) one has callouts when pinging them.

but yeah, the rest of them do not seem to have callouts when pinging them.

Hopefully they will add voicelines to the remaining ones.

100% agree with you here. I don’t always wear my headphones and I don’t want to type since the game doesn’t even auto block during chat like in V2. I know there’s a mod for it but dang, the function should come with the game.

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