Pit Torch bug

Issue Summary: Champion, The Pit, Sienna Pyro with dagger / bolt, not host and playing with 3 random pubs… In the early underground dark section, grabbed torch and moved through level. During a slaverat horde, I was swinging the torch using charged attack. Midway through a swing, the torch disappeared from my hands and changed into the dagger. I did not press the weapon swap button. The torch didn’t appear on the ground, but dagger and bolt staff both had large flame trails like on the torch. Although they were “flaming” neither the dagger or staff lit the area like a torch. The torch eventually respawned on floor after the requisite wait time. I didn’t get a chance to pick it back up before a teammate did. Fire effect remained on both weapons until being doused by the waterfall.

Steps to Reproduce: Cannot easily test because don’t own DLC, but I suspect I used Burning Head mid-charged-torch-swing

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Once

Additional Information: image of dagger with torch trail: https://i.imgur.com/lgfY4Br.jpg

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