Personal Celebration

Hello everyone, person here who has 2200 hours in Vermintide II. With what conditions did I reach that number? Well, I’m glad you asked! I accrued 2200 hours on a 12 year old PC using 1 stick of 6gb RAM, an i3-3220 and an HDD. I had my FPS capped to 30, but most of the time I didn’t even reach that, hovering mainly around 20 FPS. On top of that, I would sometimes get 5 second long game freezes, stuttering, or lagspikes that would drop my FPS to single digits during a horde. I’ve had moments where I’m dodging a bile troll puke while within the radius of a blightstorm in conjuration while surrounded by a horde, and the game decides right then and there to freeze for 5 seconds :upside_down_face:. Or a couple times when the literal moment I click the trigger to kill a blightstormer, my game freezes and it cuts to me being spun around. Or me freezing in front of 3 Stormvermin overheads, and it cutting to me being down.

Why did I play Vermintide II in these conditions? Because I’m clinically insane, apparently. Still managed to get some modded wins though, even when the Skarrik arena got flooded with enemies and my screen became a slideshow.

However, I have now acquired a new PC after all these years. I am now running the game on the preset high graphics with a rock steady 60+ FPS during Cataclysm hordes. These conditions are making something else rock hard too. The game looks stunning and it feels amazing. It’s like I am born again.


Yeah man! It’s like announcing the birth of a child.

New PC on my list of things this year too!


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By Volkmar’s mighty 'stache, you’re a dedicated one. If I get under 45 average fps I deem the game unplayable.

Hope the new machine is working great for you, enabling you to exact holy vengeance upon the heretics.



Gratz on the new rig! Nothing like the smell of new, fresh capacitors getting some juice through them!