Penance reward popup (top right side of the screen) - There were supposted to be more rewards?

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Shortly after getting my Auric Storm Survivor, I’ve noticed every time (3 times thus far) I load the game I see blue text (the aforementioned in the title popup) informing me to reclaim reward from Sister Prine - for every operative.
Entering Penances Tab (or visiting Sister Prine) removes the popup but not for long:
It doesn’t matter if I’ve already loaded this operative before, or not - the text is still there even after returning from a mission (all operatives).
Edit: Ah, also - I’ve already equipped and/or unequipped (all operatives) the new title, so there are no indicators for new cosmetics.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but this last penance pushed total penance point count above 4600 (4610) and we all know there are no accidents… (I’m not crazy, You’re all crazy!)

I have a hypothesis, there were supposed to be rewards for every 100 points but last 4 3 rewards were removed (4600, 4700 and 4800 and 4900).
(Yay! Release rewards for 2nd part of scull event?!)
Or someone coding is a Lazy Bastard TM, and forgot to include line to prevent popup… well… popping up? when total value of points exceeds 4599 (awww).
In that last case I salute you fellow LB, but fix it please.


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  1. Get 4600+ penance points (In my case it was jump from 4590 to 4610).
  2. See popup to reclaim reward from Sister Prine
  3. Equip (and in some cases unequip) new title for all operatives
  4. Popup disappears but only till Mourning Star is reloaded (return from Mission, Operative change etc.)

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No, I don’t use mods

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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Lt. Davin Felth

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They have said they plan to expand both the penances available and the penance reward track in the future. This is probably just code for that eventuality which needs to be tucked out of sight until then. I’d expect a few penances to be added with each new map at the very least, complete X map on Y difficulty sort of stuff plus new martyr skull.

And the current max is 4855 so a 4900 goal would not yet be achievable.

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My bad, I was sure the final count was 45 short of 5000.
Well, if that’s the case there is no point fixing it just for next 19 days then, of course if there are going to be more “Line rewards”.

I worked on getting to 4600 as well and can confirm. Every time I enter the hub, this notification returns despite there not being anything to claim.

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