[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.6 - Anniversary Update

This update is worst optimised one so far. Less than 120fps on lowest graphics settings on a 8700k overclocked to 5ghz per core with a 1080Ti at 1440p. You are killing the game.

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??? Mine is running better than ever.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sorry to hear yours is not doing so well. But it’s not that way for everyone.

EDIT you’re complaining about less than 120? lol.

Heckuva great update! The quiet drink is super entertaining and the voice lines in particular make for some jolly good times.

Honestly my only complaint is that this seems to have ended the “Ranald’s Gift” weekly early. So sad, it was so much fun and I was looking forward to playing it some more :frowning:


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I also had this issue…

Guys, he said that he has less than 120 FPS on LOWEST settings with a really good machine. As a lot of us have already stated in this thread, FPS drops and massive stutters are a constant thing in this patch. For me, the game is unplayable with any fast attack weapon. The stutters are interrupting the attack patterns and movement of all the “speedy” weapons to that point that I can’t kill enemies and avoid their attacks. So I can understand his frustration because mine is even bigger.
But nevertheless, I think that this patch, content-wise, is a really good patch. I’m patiently waiting for a fix while I’m playing with Bardin and Kruber, using slow hitting hammers. I’m having patience at the moment because I think that Fatshark deserves that much.


Game has less then 120fps on lowest, but keeps 60fps at max. Indeed, a big probelm of the first world :confused:
Yeah, game is simply trash because of that… lol.

That’s not the point of his post. The point is that the game has a really bad optimization and that Fatshark has been launching a lot of buggy content over the last year and they continue to do it. Which is kinda ironic especially now after this statement:


So in essence, yes, they have a really good game but they are killing it for some people by doing things like that.


In that case I do not know what you guys expect from the indie studio which has literally few game in portfolio. For me game works ok and keeps 60 fps at max settings.
Onle some bugs are annoyng.

Well I’m happy for you. At the moment, the game is unplayable for me on most of the careers. And I’m not talking about “not having fully 120FPS”. I’m talking about regular stutters which freeze the game for a second or two, enough that a pack of clanrats will poke me to death while I’m trying to dodge and swing with Saltzpyre’s rapier. I’m talking about going 60 to 30 FPS throughout the whole level in constant cycles on top of the stutters. The only thing that saves me from constantly dying is Bardin’s passive and a new way of playing that I have developed in order to counter the stutters and FPS drops.

As to how much slack and tolerance should an indie studio get - That’s open for debate. A year has passed. Lessons should’ve been learned.
Again, I love this game. It is my favorite game. I love Fatshark. I will give them more time. But we all have our limits.

Maybe it’s a hardware configuration issue in yours case?

he is not the only one, there’s quite a group in the thread he pointed at.
Probably there are more then them, but some people just don’t/cannot notice the problem.
Should have written us, because I have a similar problem, but I’m an ass at playing, so I notice less the problem :smiley:

How am I supposed to get the challenge done? There are no private games with bots available and have got couple teams who don’t understand what “drink all the bottles” mean. You carry them until they get close enough to reach the end portal and ruin your challenge.

Hold on just a moment. Am I blind? The event only feature 2 new Frames to obtain ingame at Okris Challenge.

Certainly is a big facepalm for game optimisation, repeat, on LOWEST settings.

Third one is for community challenge 100 000 games (wins) played


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While not having a super high-end rig and the game running better than ever since the last patch, the game’s optimization IS horrible, considering my FPS are actually better on higher settings than on lower. I used NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience tool to optimize VT2 and it increased settings for almost ANY settings, yet it not removed massive FPS drops (during hordes on lowest settings, the FPS sometimes dipped into single digits while otherwise, it ran at around 90 fps), it also removed some other graphical and gameplay issues, while eating about 30 to 40 max-fps. FPS drops still occur, but they range at around 10 to 15, so I average somewhere between 65 and 40. That is tolerable and those slowdowns that make you get hit because your weapon animations come almost to a complete stall don’t happen anymore. Increasing the settings also recuded stress on my CPU, which used to overheat very fast on lowest settings, to the point where I even bought some Arctic thermal compound just so I could play VT2.
So while it is easy to ridicule people with their “1st world-master-race-problem” of not getting those constant 120 fps on lowest settings, it is only testament to underlying issues as to how TERRIBLE the game is optimized, how INSANE the game stresses CPU and while the game has amazing visuals, so do games on Unity or UE4 and those are nowhere near the CPU-hog the Stingray-Engine is. Yes, I know, Unity and UE4 are “industry-standard” and top-notch up-to-date, mulit-million-dollar software environments, Stingray is not, FS is a small studio, I get that. Still, the game’s insane file-size gives us more than enough reason to assume that there’s not alot of file-compression and optimization going on behind the scenes and no matter how you put it, a game with VT2’s visuals should not be such a ludicrous ressource-hog.


Annnnd straight to bring toxic eh? I’m sure you’re a bundle of joy to play with!

I’m sure playing on top of the line hardware is great, please try to remember that most people can’t just drop thousands on a gaming rig and play on middle of the line hardware. You know, the whole bell curve thing?

I’m all for the game getting more optimized for sure, that would be great. But it so far has been on a general upward trend - some patches made it worse before the next, etc, but since the launch we’ve come a long ways. But to come in here acting like 120+ FPS is your sigmar given birthright, and ridicule everyone who plays on a more standard PC? Get over yourself :upside_down_face:

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Wrong, stop making this about me, and attacking me instead of the point. The game has got successively worse in how it runs since launch day. You would expect the opposite to be true.

If the game plays like crap on top end hardware how do you think it runs on anything that isn’t top end. Not good for fatshark in the long run.

The game has ran a solid 120fps locked since day 1 until this last patch. So, it may have been up and down as you say, but optimisation is now at it’s worst point ever.

Plus it would be nice to actually be able to just complete the new event map instead of crashing in the tavern every time whether host or client.

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