[PC] Patch 4.8 - Trail of Treachery FREE DLC live!


A Treacherous Adventure is a free new content update - out now for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 containing the first act out of a two-part adventure. Stay tuned for more to come!

In ‘Trail of Treachery’, it is up to you and your fellow heroes to escort a caravan carrying precious cargo to a village plagued by strange and unusual happenings. Pave the way to Tockstadt and investigate what misfortune has befallen the settlement. Beware of avalanches.

  • A new, snowy adventure begins - Make your way down the precarious mountain path to save the village of Tockstadt, where nothing is quite as it seems.
  • A free update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - A Treacherous Adventure is a free update to all players for Vermintide 2, and the second act will be available 2023.
  • The first map in a two-part adventure - Trail of Treachery is the first of a two-part adventure map pack available to all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

Together with Part 1 of the free Treacherous Adventure DLC we will be adding new Premium Cosmetics to the in-game store. We hope you’ll find something smart for your favorite hero in the Absent Friends Collection! In total, there’ll be 10 new cosmetics, one hat and one skin for each hero.

Patch 4.8

  • New FREE DLC Map ‘Trail of Treachery’ is now available!
  • New Premium Cosmetics are available through Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders!
  • Fixed various level asset issues in the Chaos Wastes.
  • Fixed a voiceover where Bardin responded with a Saltzpyre voice line.
  • Fixed players losing health when returning through the Skittergate.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could walk on invisible floors.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could sometimes happen after the Prologue in certain situations.
  • Fixed a skip where cheeky Battle Wizards could teleport to the portal early in the Be’lakor Arena.
  • Ranger’s career skill activate sound is now only played on use instead of everytime the player enters invisibility.

Hotfix 4.8.1


  • Added an additional wave to the 1st wave, but made it possible to turn off Wave#1 by pushing the Sleigh forward
  • One set of chaos specials are removed from the mid event
  • Fixed potential soft locking of the cogwheel event


  • We tweaked the end event to reduce enemy clutter and give the player more options to complete the events.
  • Fixed a bug where the last wave stopped when you lit the 3rd Urn. Now the wave will continue until Olesya does her spell. This should make the last wave much more intense
  • Trimmed a few seconds off the time you need to be in the circle before Olesya nukes everybody
  • Some delays between waves have been prolonged, to allow the engine to count the enemies, and not stack waves too much
  • Added a lever that opens the crypt gate from the inside


  • Fixed some hang ledges
  • Fixed Grimoire sometimes not spawning
  • Fixed loot not being reachable
  • Fixed a few getting stuck places
  • Fixed a crash related to Icicles


  • Fixed some graphical glitches (Units not showing, floating or missing)
  • Prevented backtracking in to the wrong path


  • Fixed end event Sfx not playing for clients
  • Fixed a bug where the first Lohner VO sometimes didn’t play

Well, all this new map and adventure played on it is what we all expected from you guys.
Not shaity and boring new game modes (ok CW is ok), just NEW maps and a bit of story.
I hope, however, that this trend will continue and we will get something similar from time to time, because that is what was behind the success of the game. Applause for this DLC.

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after the update the game crashes every time. Tried repairing the steam files- didnt help
re-installed- didnt help

GUID: b41c9756-8480-4c68-9c77-b11a58012edb
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: 7ecb507e-6704-4523-8c3d-90bf5d1ce1b4
Log File:
Info Type:

I am once again asking if you have any plans of fixing these bugs in the foreseeable future:

Shade’s “Cloak of Pain” lvl 30 talent is bugged with dual weapons: it consumes both ult charges at once when using dual wield weapon heavy attacks, e.g. Sword&Dagger heavy 1.
A mod (“Class Balance”) that fixes that has been out for some time now.

Invisibility in general is not working properly: enemies are still able to target/track/attack player while said player is invisible, happens on all invis classes.

They have been broken for ~half a year and are fairly obnoxious. A fix for those would be appreciated.

It’s reportedly fixed, but I can’t assure you it was in the patch - if you’ve not tried this yet by all means do and report back to us. I’ll also chase it up on this side to see if the fix was included and just not documented, or if it’s planned for another update.

There’s a few bugs tracked for similar reports, some fixed, some not, I can only assume the unfixed ones are the current issues you speak of - will see about following this up.


I am unable to see any trace of this new update, is it on PlayStation yet? Or has it only been rolled out on pc

Thanks for replying and being transparent on this, really appreciate it.

It is definitely not fixed yet unfortunately.

Is Waystalker ult blotting out the sun with arrows when bloodshot and loaded bow are used intentional? I noticed the BW ult damage got fixed last update but the ‘everything dies’ button stays.

I love the map. It’s brutal on Cata as it should be.

Great addition! It’s nice to have adventure maps again.
Great design and story. My only note is that if in the last event instead of chaos we had undead and a crypt horror this would have been unforgettable.


You ruined one of the few fun things for my Ranger Veteran. Why? I will never forgive you. :sob: