Patch #15: Marksman Focus, please don't encourage more turret mode vets

Marksman Focus in Patch #15, please don’t encourage more turret mode vets, we already have far too many players who just plant their flag and never move.


P.S. Yeah there better be modifier nodes to remove or drastically lessen the penalties for moving or Emprah help us.


High chance a sub-node removes the movement lock.

(Says I after waking up, going to work, and not having seen said video with an uncanny amount of optimism)


I wouldn’t bet on full removal, but increasing the duration you can move after a headshot kill? That seems likely.

Still kinda feels like a keystone I won’t want to touch though.


they’re gonna have to reword “focus target!” too. What the hell is even going on with that one?

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yeah this is bad, on heresy and damnation standing still like that is a death sentence, they didnt playtest this enough.


The issue with that, is you have to spend 2 points, just to have a good keystone, otherwise its utterly worthless. Thats honestly just bad design, you shouldnt need to spend 2 points just to get the thing at the freaking bottom to work.

:person_shrugging: it wouldn’t be the only keystone like that.

Psyker tree, for instance.

Vermintide 2’s Witch Hunter Captain players know.

a) that’s his passive, and b) it doesn’t take time to charge up, and c) it doesn’t lose charges, and d) everybody on the team can do it and benefits from it. The confusing point is how it loses charges? When you hit it? That’s absolutely awful.

I hope some of the modifier nodes improve the movement aspect, it’d be lazy design though. . . As others have noted, any nodes that improve movement would functionally be tax nodes, no build using the keystone would be complete without them unless it’s possible to spec into the keystone off of low profile + infiltrate. And given that the rigid tree structure seems to remain in place, even that is coming into question for me.

Zealot’s chorus is worse for this, instead of just making the ult function they put a mandatory node underneath it. No other tree must waste 2 points for the privilege of choosing 1 ultimate.

If instead it builds stacks super quickly (like 2 seconds to full stack) itd make for a hilarious CSS playstyle. They should also take notes from KF2 as their gunslinger and sharpshooter have a range of very fun (and challenging) playstyles, such as gaining temporary but massive damage buff on repeated headshots that goes away if you miss, or doing extra stagger ONLY if you hit the limbs with ranged attacks.

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Natural selection will take of bad ones. Bad ones have tunnel vision, and ignore audio cues. So they will end up being Trapper’s pet, or PoxHound snack. Don’t spare a single kark about them, fellow rejects:)

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