Patch #14 Notes Part 3

Probably so they can release expansion/dlc with better stat cap weapons.

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Tbh too many people using the 1h chainsword right now. Even zealots who have access the Tigrus two handed one use the 1 handed one. Its kinda boring when Vet and Zealot and Psykers all using the same melee weapon.

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I agree that the staff “magic missile” type light attacks are way too weak already in the game before this nerf. It feels just more effective to use the secondary attacks instead. And voidstrike getting nerfed feels wrong due to how low your mobility is whilst charging the bloody thing. It should be high risk, high reward not… High risk… and MEH results.

VT2 hammers had overheads on their lights, no cleave.

Ah yes, ofc. I am totally talking about the single attacks that are not meant to cleave. 4Bil. IQ response right there.

I could’ve said greathammers but that doesn’t change my point now does it?

You’ve quoted changes to 2 handed hammer LIGHT attacks and you’re complaining about it’s cleave while bringing VT2 two handed hammers in comparison as if those had any cleave on light attacks.

If you were to have this in quote selection:

Then you might have a point.

The LUA had confirmed it, all the weapons seem to use the same brittle/rending debuff template 16 stacks of 2.5%. Except for a flame variant that is initially set at 20 but then overriden later.

Even the talents point to a similar/same template (seems like the same, the only 1. Technically a copy of its values) veteran_crits_apply_rending

Not like diamantine has much use anyway. I’m sitting on probably well over 20k of it courtesy of the limiting resource on upgrades being plasteel. And that is with frequent FatShark-stupidity induced breaks and a refusal to touch the higher-tier play due to an aversion to herding idiots.

Will it happen? No. I’m getting very strong vides that FatShark has latched onto “nerf current best to useless, buff that into flavor of the month, rinse and repeat” as a way to keep people playing.

I had no problems with keeping locks or whatever as a means to cap power by preventing “perfect” weapons from becoming the defacto standard. Using them as a means to hook players into playing more because you break their equipment to force them to grind out new stuff repeatedly… THAT I have violent objections to. Not least of which is that it doesn’t work. While the whole gear treadmill might keep some playing eventually its going to push existing players to stop and give new players a reason to look somewhere else.


does this mean i’m going to do 110% less damage to unyelding now?

Interesting… Remove locks from crafting when?


Yes, but push attack will still be great:

makes 0 sense you know that

A 110% reduction is pretty unwarranted and probably going for 100% modifier would have been more than enough, but getting extra utility to push-attack isn’t so bad with the almost ~90% damage increase on it, it’ll be fine, if maybe a (bit) awkward against Bulwarks and Beast of Nurgle.

I just hope the changes go through and the Community Testing Team doesn’t torpedo it. Would love to see Power Sword being an actual good pick on Vet again after like half a year of being an absolute bait. I just can’t really be that negative about it.

110/175 = 63% reduction. Honestly very strange they’ve decided they want unyielding to be P sword’s weakness, but very worth trade for the general damage increases and dealing with carapace much better. Try to make sure you pair with a good ranged weapon for bulwarks and reapers I guess.

It’s just to avoid melting Plague Ogryn with the finesse + damage buff IMO. Full melee Vet with PS has some surprisingly good boss damage (nothing groundbreaking but pretty good).

cough Plasma cough

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oh god forbid vet with power sword does damage to bossess

i mean is this the real problem with the game?

and this is what you get with all the melee talents for like 5 seconds

on this power sword

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Actually also only just realised those armour mod changes only seem to be for the special heavies, so just special light bulwarks/bosses and special heavy crushers and it should be good.

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special heavies and lights do the same exact damage in this current build, so i would expect that the light attack damage would be changed aswell, it would be nonsense otherwise

we are already doing more dps with light attacks than with heavies wich is reta already as it is, it would be extra rded if that was the case


ok Nish lets wait and see what they will end up cooking


by the way i’m clearing my hordes with light attacks now so they failed for that matter already


yes i’ve read the whole thing of course, but making heavy attacks with the PS is so unrewarding even now, and to me its dumb that they will be keeping going that way

at this point i would be fine if they change the heavy moveset with an overhead swing, just give me the damage and i’m happy

They said that they try to make the Lights about dps and Heavies for horde clear. Don’t be so negative, changes seem good, and if there is no downward adjustment for Light Unyielding pen, it’ll do some serious hurt against bosses.

If just the heavies will be hit with the -Unyielding I’m more than up for it. I like it when weapons are a bit more interesting, and before patch 13 (unlike most people would make you believe) PS had some really nice skill expressions with using a lot of push attacks and such.


The base damage of both special lights and heavies are being improved. Did you not read the rest of the P Sword changes?

Push attacks were a bit awkward before too, where empowered they basically lost their edge over other attacks in single target damage. I see they’re also buffing special heavy attacks and seemingly giving them the best armour mods of both light and heavy attacks, so they will be very useful after this patch, especially considering the stamina delay buff.