Part 2 and 3 of Drachenfels, ETA?

I missed that, but I suppose you’re right. Still dissappointed though having to wait even longer for the other two maps.

Do not worry, they’ll come. Given the quality of the first one, I have to say let them take their time. That was a great first map.


Fingers crossed the quality stays, aye.

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Well, graphic-wise the quality is on a lower level than most other maps… esp. if you look at the trees right at the start :roll_eyes: I thought they just tuned down things for Beta, but they do not look any better in the released version. Challenges were also a little disappointing, picking up bottles (damn Blightreaper flashbacks), picking up a key to open a tunnel entrance (I don’t even understand the purpose of that… there was nothing in it), the skaven “horde” was not even a challenge at all imho (that would have been a nice place to add a miniboss fight) and the last challenge to do the riddle in a given time, yeah well ok. But still it’s a solid map, atleast better than any paid DLC map.

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