Part 2 and 3 of Drachenfels, ETA?

let me make a high-quality brief comment on that statement: “xD”
my optimistic bet is one map per season if ever, not even sure if seasons lasts only ~3 month.
And since it’s “free content” we get with the new financing system there is no pressure on FS anymore to justify for the quality or development time of future content…

That’s not very optimistic considering they’ve said all maps are coming with season 2. One at the start, one in the middle and one at the end of the season.

Perhaps today’s development blog update thingy will shed some light on this.

Actually, I misspoke. They said they’re aiming to release all three maps in season 2.


Even if they made season 2 last six months (or the free maps bleed into the next season) we should probably hear something soon(ish).

Well either way, it was a huge dissappointment to only get Old Haunts at the launch of S2.

Well, I’ve lowered my expectations somewhat over the past two years :roll_eyes:. On the other hand, I didn’t had the information that all maps should be released in season 2, it’s just questionable how long this “season” should last then…


let me help you understand FatShark a little bit better: AIMING = not gonna happen :smirk:
and yet we still don’t even know how long that season 2 will last at all, since there are no timeframes announced aswell.

I choose to remain optimistic. To me the “aiming” is more about keeping the grudge-holding “broken promises”-fanatics at bay.
On phone right now and phones suck so I cant be bothered finding the post, but I believe Hedge said something about them not giving specific deadlines because they’re not great at sticking to them. Which is fair enough imo.


Not sure it’s the correct link since no preview. Also on the phone, but you’re welcome if I linked the right stuff :roll_eyes:


That’s the one. Thanks.


Middle of February, my guess.

I wish I could do that too, but the fact that the first map was still quite unfinished in the beta and there was nothing to be seen of the second and third, leaves me a bit skeptical about the targeted time frame. Furthermore I wonder if there will be a beta phase for the following maps, whereas the feedback on Old Haunts has been more or less neglected, but fortunately the map is still quite solid.

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Well, there we have it.


Well considering they barely let paid content justify quality control or quality of outcome I don’t see freemium models providing much.

I honestly was expecting mid march earliest but guess late feb is close enough.

Why? They never said anything other than releasing them throughout season 2. Where’d you get your expectations from?


Well, when they said they’d release Drachenfels with S2, I was, just as anyone in their right mind would, imagining that they would release all 3 maps on S2 launch.
Because that would be the most sensible and correct way to go. Pardon me for having normal standards about a videogame I’m shelling out money for. They never said that Old Haunts is the only one that will come out on launch, they said excplicitly “Castle Drachenfels”, which automatically implies all 3 maps.

Except that they didn’t say that, they did say that there would be one map at launch though.


I missed that, but I suppose you’re right. Still dissappointed though having to wait even longer for the other two maps.

Do not worry, they’ll come. Given the quality of the first one, I have to say let them take their time. That was a great first map.


Fingers crossed the quality stays, aye.

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Well, graphic-wise the quality is on a lower level than most other maps… esp. if you look at the trees right at the start :roll_eyes: I thought they just tuned down things for Beta, but they do not look any better in the released version. Challenges were also a little disappointing, picking up bottles (damn Blightreaper flashbacks), picking up a key to open a tunnel entrance (I don’t even understand the purpose of that… there was nothing in it), the skaven “horde” was not even a challenge at all imho (that would have been a nice place to add a miniboss fight) and the last challenge to do the riddle in a given time, yeah well ok. But still it’s a solid map, atleast better than any paid DLC map.

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