Packmasters animation bugged

When packmasters ‘grab’ their entire torso spins around.


I confirm I’ve seen that, when they’re trying to hook, whether they hit or not.


yep they just straight snap their heads backwards when hooking

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I need a pic or video of that

https:/ /
twitch clip might not embed correctly
Edit:Just copypaste it without the space

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I saw this today and OMG the hookrat is the Exorcist! I laughed so hard I didn’t even care I got hooked lol

You have to admit, it’s a little funny <3

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I thought I was going crazy when the Packmaster did that weird animation, thought I was seeing things and ended up geting caught by surprise.


I thought I was lagging out or something! I came here to see if anyone else saw it too!

It’s been hotfixed now


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