Orthus Offensive Hardmode Penance Didn't Unlock

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Finished the mission on damnation after activating the secret hard mode (team teleported by hitting the bell on the right), but the corresponding penance & cosmetic didn’t unlock.

If memory serves, the last 4 missions would’ve been with the same people and in all 4 we activated the bell on the right and skipped to the hard mode boss fight:

First mission (oldest) - Quickplay: - 3 ogryns 1 zealot, Failed & merged the team
Loaded into hub as a team, 1 player swaps ogryn for zealot & we loaded the mission again
2nd mission - Success > Mission counted as the 8th mission for my contract, but not for the secret hard mode penance
3rd mission - Failed - same team
4th mission (most recent) - Failed - same team

Is there a way to verify whether we activated the secret hard mode or not for the 2nd mission?

The only explanation I can think of is that maybe one of the ogryns cleaved through the right (hard mode) bell and hit the regular, left side bell? Though, I’m under the impression everyone has to hit the same bell to teleport. No one died on that fight, so can’t confirm that way.

Mainly hoping to answer this for my own sanity, as thinking about that one run is driving me crazy. Don’t even care if I have to do the hard mode fight again for the unlocks, but knowing I’ve already done it would help.

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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console-2023-12-16-19.51.53-1968bf02-5067-4e17-8900-7427bff975b2.log (1.19 MB)

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