Operative Inventory New Item Icon Stuck

Within the Operative Inventory screen, at the upper center is a very helpful yellow dot that indicates whenever there is a new ability or item recently received. On my 1st Operative, this is permanently there and never goes away.

My theory, is that it may be related somehow to the fact this character was created during Open Beta. None of my other Operatives have this problem. I have entered every menu and clicked and equipped every item and stance I have. It never goes away. And has been this way since Open Beta.

SteamID - RemoraDFC
Time - permanent
Rarity - Rare

console-2022-12-13-19.12.13-d3a536fa-2ee4-430d-be44-54b01838e3a6.log (634.6 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (753.0 KB)