Onslaught Tournament Series Year 2, Season 1 Streaming May 28–30, 6–9PM CEST


Welcome to Year 2, Season 1 of the community-run Onslaught Tournament Series!

  • Pre-tourney show: 28th of May, 4-7pm UTC, 12-3pm ET, 6-9 CEST, 5-8pm BST.
  • Tier 1 (Cata 1 Deathwish Onslaught) games: 29th of May, same time as above.
  • Tier 2 (Cata 3 Deathwish Onslaught) games: 30th of May, same time as above.

The tournament format tests consistency and skill, giving teams of four players three hours to complete four maps in a specific order with three attempts each map. Each failed attempt deducts points from a team’s overall score, with forfeited maps deducting the full amount of points for that map. There will be an optional score modifier for teams in either tier to adopt at their own discretion, which is earned by completing the same maps on Onslaught+ instead of regular Onslaught.

The map pool will be announced on May 15th in the Discord.

There are two tiers to compete in: Tier 1 (Cataclysm 1 Deathwish Onslaught) and Tier 2 (Cataclysm 3 Deathwish Onslaught).

There’s also a prize pool accrued by the tournament organizers and donations from FS, up for grabs by the winners and runner-ups for each respective tier:

Tier 1:

  • 2 Vermintide posters
  • 2 Warhammer 40k: Space Marine collections
  • 2 Forgotten Relics codes
  • 2 VT2 Collector’s Edition codes

Tier 2:

  • 2 VT2 hoodies or tees
  • 4 serpent frames
  • 2 character packs

There is a comprehensive set of rules which can be found in the Discord, but two notable rules worth mentioning here are as follows:

  • All teams MUST be able to produce a recording on the same day as the tournament, or stream it and have an accessible vod to review, or risk disqualification.
  • Shade is banned for this tournament.

On top of this, as normal there will be a shoutcast on all 3 days of the event streamed at Twitch, with shoutcasters ScareCrowClock (previously known as Rain Guy), and the original creator of Onslaught, Grimalackt.

The signups are now open! In the appropriate channel in the discord, please state your team name, the names of each of your players and which tier you’d like to compete in.

Hope to see you all there!

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu