Anyone here play Deathwish?

Just curious if anyone here plays the modded difficulty Deathwish. I beat my first run (with bots) without too much trouble, but man is it reminding me how annoying they can be. They’re a real hindrance since they just slow your pace a lot, and just go down all the time (while generally ignoring you if you need help).

If anyone is interested in trying some runs on it sometime, maybe we can get a group together.

I play Onslaught, Deathwish, and Onslaught/Deathwish.
I prefer just plain old Onslaught though.

Tough for me to find groups for this during week night but I can usually get something together during the weekends.

Send me a friend request on Steam. Hanzy the Heretic. My profile pic is a gunslinger with two revolvers.
East Coast USA region btw.

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Added, I’m Enigmatic Salp on Steam. :slight_smile:

I prefer the idea of Onslaught, myself, but more bosses when you’re playing with bots is more annoying, and I’m not sure how my rig will handle it - I’ll have to see.

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Will accept your friend request when I get home from work!
What region are you in?
Do you use Discord?


I’m in the Midwest and yes, I use discord. :slight_smile:

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Onslaught is my fave, but I’m down for either! RAWCATS on Steam, add me up! I’m in the midwest as well.



Added you, @Flinlock!

I did test Onslaught and my rig could handle it - I’d rather play that, but it needs real players even more than Deathwish. I got a win on DW with bots on my first try, but they didn’t even make it past the arena on Righteous Stand in Onslaught!


Accepted! Will be on tomorrow, also generally around in the evenings for a bit. My computer can handle hosting onslaught pretty well, my internet isn’t always the best though… I’m sure we will make it work!

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Sent a request to @hanzy as well :slight_smile: want to try to get some going today? We may be able to convince @Torantolis to join us :smiley:

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100% ready and willing; I love me some Vermintide! Message me any time and I’d be happy to play!

I’m “Hand of Gabriel” or “Torantolis” on steam and I’m also in the midwest; should be good to match time zones!

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Will add you as well.
Is anyone on weeknights ~8pm to 11pm EST?
Maybe we can set something up.

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Wonderful! I can’t wait to be part of a big following of ratstabbers!

I only really play games on Tuesdays/Thursdays (as far as weeknights are concerned) because life happens on the other nights but I’ll have an odd Wednesday/Friday that’s free if plans get cancelled.

If we need a common Discord I am happy to join into someone else’s or to offer up my own; WTFi (Where The Fun is) is always looking for members and we have a few other folks who play Vermintide. Notably are @JRxDemon and @LordOfTheBees who are both joyful players to hang out with.

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Maybe we can set something up for Tuesday evening?
Say 8pm EST start?
Lets see what the others say.

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My gaming schedule can be unpredictable, but I am often available on week night evenings. :slight_smile:

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I call upon Thanes known to uphold our Dammaz Kron:





Good games last night guys! Had a lot of fun. Hope to see some of ya again tonight.

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