Ogryns ability to not get interrupted while assisting/reviving someone doesnt seem to be working

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Issue Description:
The class skill Loyal protector on ogryn doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. when trying to help a teammate up or revive them I was just constantly getting interrupted by a random guy walking up and hitting me mid way through the revive
Steps to Reproduce:
try to revive someone in a pack as ogryn


Reproduction Rate:

  • Often (<75%)

Will investigate more, but right now helping people get up from ledges as Ogryn still gets you interrupted if attacked. Will test a bit more and come back with findings.
This makes ledges more of a danger than being downed right now :smiley:

Seems enemy grenades interrupt as well when reviving downed allies

seems to be when you take any health damage youre interrupted

Still an ongoing issue - had not noticed prior to todays (1.08’s) patch. Taking Toughness or Health Damage breaks you out of Item Usages, Friend Revive or Ledge-raising of allies.
Literally removes part of the core mechanic of the class.

Also noticed when you are doing the mission mini game, if you take any hit, you are also interrupted