Ogryn Rumbler spawned with pointless blessing

I recently purchased a Rumbler that had the Blaze Away blessing (I bought it for the Adhesive Charge blessing it also had and its better stats).

The Rumbler has a single round. It cannot “keep shooting” because once you have fired, that’s it. In the off chance that reloading did not affect the blessing, I tried it out in the testing grounds, but there was no icon indication that it was giving me extra power.

So unless I’m missing something, there is absolutely no reason why this blessing should spawn on this weapon.

(I’ll still keep it for when weapon crafting comes online and I can transfer it; it could pair well with a heavy stubber!)

I tried it out as well and it seems like rapid firing did increase the damage a bit. Power affects many weapon stats so it’s not entirely clear.

Try firing at the Mauler as fast as you can and see if the damage from the explosion increases.

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I’ll give that a go when I’m next online, then! Would be nice to have an icon indicator at the bottom of the screen to see if it’s stacking, though

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It does in fact raise the damage by a bit, but it’s not fully consistent (though that might be down to me not knowing the right maths).

So it does work (I think)! Just not a very viable blessing for the weapon.

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