Odd respawn on Engines of War

On Engines of War, my team died on the plateau after the bridge, where the first grim is.
Two of them were with the engines, to the right after the drop right after the log, but the third one had respawned in the area below, under the bridge and before the caves.

console-2021-07-15-17.18.02-b8dbe793-d657-426c-9564-df90ea7c3a43.log (1.7 MB)

Team starts dying at 17:33 (line 5470), and respawns are line 5495, 5504 and 5510, the latter being the wrong one. The player leaving at 17:35 (line 5709) is the one that spawned far away. The bot appeared at the furthest wheel, like usual, and the player rejoined after I rescued the bot.

On the same map, we had a ratling gunner facespawn at the end event (starts at line 6814 but idk how to see special spawns in the console logs).

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