Occasionally but Reliably Bugged BH Reload speed on Crossbow

When using the standard crossbow on Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre with the Swift Reload Level 5 talent, it will not always use the increased reload speed, instead reloading with what I believe to be Saltspyre’s standard reload speed (though it COULD be just reloading at Bounty Hunter’s standard increased speed, but without the talent’s additional 20%. Regardless, it loads slower than it should).

I can reliably replicate this bug by using the Prize Bounty Level 15 talent. If BH shoots the first free bolt, and then the second before he needs to reload, and puts the crossbow away to pull out a melee weapon, when swapping back to the crossbow, he will not reload at the proper increased speed.

Sometimes it seems that the animation playing is slow, while behind the curtain, the reload speed is faster (The ammo counter will increase from 0 to 1 halfway through the animation), but other times the reload speed is in time with the slower animation.

Usually not the biggest deal, but it is occasionally frustrating to whip out a crossbow to kill a special within a short time limit, only to have a slow reload that results in getting knocked down before he can shoot. Admittedly a niche situation, but it’s happened more than I’d’ve thought it would.

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