Nothing blocks enemy fire except full walls

Why doesn’t short walls, boxes, and equipment block enemy fire? You seriously can’t take cover anywhere on any map without being hit. Especially when enemy snipers are taking headshots and you can’t cover at all. Game killing bug!!!

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Are you playing an ogryn?

Otherwise, i do not know what you are talking about.
Unless it is a bug that got introduced recently, which i doubt since afaik, there have not been any updates in the past week.

Nope priest. Not sure how you can’t understand that a crate can’t block a shot from enemies.

Please correct me if i am mistaken, but here is what i am pretty sure is the case:

  • If you can not shoot through something when using a gun, neither can the enemy. (Except a friendly ogryn maybe.)
  • If your entire body is behind cover (when looking from a certain angle), the enemy can not hit you (when shooting from that angle), just like you can not hit an enemy that is fully behind cover (from where you are standing).
  • If a bodypart sticks out from the cover from any angle, it can be shot from that angle (applies to you shooting at enemies as well as to enemies shooting at you).

So if a cover is too low or too narrow (therefore not covering you), enemies will be able to shoot you from pretty much anywhere.

There are floors and walls that enemies can shoot through which you cannot, this should be a known issue by now.


Completely under cover as the sniper was clear on the otherside of the map. I still get full damage hiding behing a large stack of crates.

How tall did you make your character?


The tin shanty town on freightport hourglass is a death trap because of this. I’ve seen people get hit locked by a reaper shooting directly downward you can’t return fire on, its usually curtains for them and whoever tries to save them.

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If your character is even slightly taller than the cover you’re behind they can and probably will hit you. Enemies themselves are more reliable cover as most ranged attacks they fire won’t penetrate them, sniper being a notable exception.

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Snipers also can pierce through ogryn shield[missing the ogryn] but doing full dmgh to everything behind it… you should know that thyer attacks are like that & if you aggro them to shoot & the shot is going thro something that you hide behind you will still get shoot.

You nead to dodge the shot trajectory not hide from it.

I can smell the “I made my character max height” from orbit. This is why all my characters are less than half height, so cover actually functions as cover…

In any case though, enemies are way too accurate and can pixel hunt you like an aimbot if so much as a pinkie is sticking out of cover. Frustrating at times.


Negative ghostrider my character is the shortest female body