Not sure how to delete this

I was in a high intensity shock gauntlet assassination lights out mission, and we had all three scriptures, then my game crashed because I had too many things open at once. I got back into the game in less than a minute but my scripture was gone.

I guess it evaporated when it transferred to the bot? Did the game think I was dead, and it disappeared, or did it drop and my teammates didn’t pick it up?

Not sure. They didn’t mention it if that’s what happened.

Iirc everything that can be dropped, will be dropped when you disconnect.
Scriptures can be dropped, so they are probably dropped upon dc.
Grims can not be dropped, so the bots keep them.

Why do you bring books in a modded, privately hosted mission that does not give you rewards anyway?

It wasn’t a modded mission. It might’ve been either STG or hint-int? Idk what the possible combinations are, but it was definitely lights out assassination with one of the two, thought both.

Anyway, I guess that answers it. Teammate never picked it up. Shame.

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