Not so sexy (but important) UI feedback

Some feedback on mostly UI which I rarely see in other comments that I believe would add to user experience:

  • Show rewards for unlocked penances
    It’s possible to fold/unfold penances that are yet to be completed to see the reward. This should also be possible for completed penances. Apart from just general transparency and UI consistency, this would be especially helpful when completing multiple penances in the same run.

  • Additional reward information for unlocked cosmetics
    As the bullet above, this is currently possible for cosmetics that haven’t been completed yet. Instead of only listing what penance was required to unlock individual cosmetic pieces, also listing the actual requirements would be good for UI consistency and a nice QoL change.

  • (Bug?) Cosmetic rewards from penances not listed as new
    This could be a bug, but when unlocking cosmetic pieces from penances, the “new dot” isn’t showing beside the cosmetics tab or in the cosmetic slots. It does however after purchasing new cosmetic pieces (and doesn’t even disappear after viewing the new cosmetic atm). Adding this would be helpful to easily see what players earned after completing a penance.

  • Showing map, mission, and special conditions when loading into the map
    This is helpful for players that mainly do quickplay. Often when qp queueing we are directly transported to an ongoing game. Displaying this information when loading into the map, just like when in the lobby, would be helpful to let players know what they’re getting into.

  • BONUS (not UI-related): Make more, if not all, maps and special conditions available at all times
    I’m not the first to comment on this, but withholding maps and special conditions only affects user experience negatively. Short after release it was intriguing to see that new special conditions were available, but nowadays gimping the map/condition lineup only makes the game feel less varied and much more stale/repetitive.

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