Not many Sci-fi weapons and Veteran

Am I alone in finding most weapons boring because they just seem way to medieval for a sci-fi setting. This is just speaking purely in terms of aestetic - Powersword, Force Sword, Chain Weapons, Lasguns etc. are fine… but why would I wanna run around with a normal ass axe or a machine gun. The Ogryn seems like the worst offender in terms of weapons (Shovel, Knife, Club, different Club… excuse me???).

Then there is the entire class that is the Veteran. While he is fine gameplay-wise he is so boring aestetically, like why do you put a simple soldier into a sci-fi game alongside a Maniac, a Wizard and an quasi-Ogre (paraphrasing here ofc). He is literally the most boring class in terms of looks.

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You probably won’t like it but these choices of weapons are pretty common in the 40k setting and using them is in line with the lore.