No new weekly quests since the update

Issue Summary: I not received any new weekly quests since receiving the update. I have all of the expansions. The daily quests are working normally.
I can see the refresh timer for the weekly, but nothing new has populated.
I have checked the files through steam, and tried disabling/enabling the expansion.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch game
  2. View Okri’s Challenges
  3. Click on the weekly quests

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

You would have received all possible items from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, meaning no more Bögenhafen weeklies. :slight_smile:

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Take a look at the challenges, if you have 84/84 items collected, you won’t be getting any more weekly Bogenhafen quests.


Well, that was it. Thank you.

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